A decade of stories: an eternity of relentless revolution in my life to share with the world. From the turn of the century, I started my young adulthood as the top rave and event promoter in Kentucky conducting shows in clubs, outdoor venues and warehouses from 50 to 3,000 people. I’ve experienced marriage and divorce at a young age. I pioneered many entrepreneur businesses related around event production and advertising. I worked through the graphics design / advertising industry, owning and selling a company to start a full social media marketing agency. I opened a downtown bar / live music venue and closed it within a year. And, I developed a solid dj career in the Midwest region.

As the decade approached a close, however, I just couldn’t continue living the paths that lead me to places of no real gratification. Reaching places close to rock bottom and in a near failing relationship with my fiancé and desperately trying to be a father figure to her child, I knew there must be a better way. In public, I pretended to have my act together as my success, possessions and contacts were my currency and they appeared to be strong. In private, life was simply falling apart, and wearing heavily on my mind.

From 2008-10, I began a relentless revolution that would change me to the core forever. On February 13, 2010, I had a moment where I surrendered my life to Jesus. From all the searching in the last decade, I finally found what I had been looking for. Turns out, He had always been searching for me, waiting patiently for my arrival home. There really was a life past what I could see with my narrow vision! I had become a new creation, and in just a short time have numerous stories of my transformation.

The stories in these blog posts will narrate the crazy experiences of my life in years past, my interpretations of teachings as I strive to grow and foremost the relentless revolution of my life and those around me as I walk down a new path. It would be unfair to keep these tales to myself, as so many people from all walks of life could benefit from my past. There is so much to learn from experience even if it is not your own. These are the stories of my life: enjoy and learn.