Nate FX

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Nate FX has been a major influence in the Midwest music scene since 1999 booking and djing with an array of the largest acts in the industry. He commands the decks with a soundscape from deep grooves to pounding tech with a touch of retro rewind and hip hop boots, you never know where his performance will lead. Get ready to live!

In the Mix

Good Life Sessions – The Deep Funk

Good Life Sessions – The Deep Funk

It's not often lately I get to lay down a mix in the studio, but when I do, it's guaranteed to be both deep and funky. Anyway, enjoy this new mix titled "The Deep Funk" and go on another journey through house. Here is a track list of what you will hear on this deep to...

In the Life

Squad goals. Pull up. House your body.
What’s your drink of choice for sipping on a patio in the fall?
Belated National Derp Day. I present to you a derp sitting on a derp sitting on a grandmother with half an empty couch.
A little bluegrass music festival action this weekend!
Good times at the Woodland Art Fair. Support your local artists.
That downtown life.
Tag ya DJ buddy that you know red lines the mixer! HA HA.
If you haven’t checked out @faroutunderground on the weekend, you probably should.
Support your local dive spot. It’s THE best spot. Let’s go!