This is the face of someone who’s about to play card games at LifeGroup. Those that know, know it’s all down hill from here.

February 26, 2017/by NateFX

New driver on the road! How long till he asks to drive “our FJ” you think?

February 17, 2017/by NateFX

Happy Valentines + Happy Sushi with My Best Friend! #DateNight

February 13, 2017/by NateFX

All dressed up and headed to the Princess and King Ball! #DadLife #DaddyDaughter

February 12, 2017/by NateFX

I did not know how many cool things this machine did. It would be better if I still didn’t. #Want #DJgear #SoManyButtons

February 11, 2017/by NateFX

It’s official, start making plans now: CENTURY 2017! #Reunion #HouseMusic #DJ #NightLife

February 10, 2017/by NateFX

Too much meat on the sandwich… it’s like a cow with a cracker on either side. #BBQ #Lunch

February 9, 2017/by NateFX

Well one is now 16 and the other is 3. Proud parents, and just wow. #Birthday #GrowUpFast

February 5, 2017/by NateFX

It’s a bday ski weekend. Lorelai calls it “scootering” and proclaims “BEST DAY EVER!”

February 5, 2017/by NateFX

Wedding, skiing, hiking and Alaska. Happy 16 and cheers to more adventures to come!

January 29, 2017/by NateFX

Getting spoiled on this warm winter weather! Quick trip out to nature today! #Hiking

January 21, 2017/by NateFX

Then Sings My Soul. #SundayWorship

January 15, 2017/by NateFX

Hope isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Hope is a non-negotiable as we follow Jesus in this life. We need hope because without it, we’d give up.

January 6, 2017/by NateFX

Starting 2017 off right. #HopeIsAlive #NewYear

January 1, 2017/by NateFX

You’re invited. Come sit with us at 4pm today…

December 24, 2016/by NateFX

Just some lazy afternoon Christmas selfies. You’re welcome.

December 24, 2016/by NateFX

“Hope is contagious. When we’re promised great things we’re filled with expectation that something incredible is going to happen. True hope cannot be stopped, and it cannot be contained.”

December 24, 2016/by NateFX

“Hope is believing God works all things for our good.” #Christmas #BibleReading

December 20, 2016/by NateFX
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