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Mark Farina in Lexington!

It has been a while since we have had a big show in Lexington for house music, and this is one that I have been waiting on for years! Building from a conversation that started in Miami about 5 years ago and after many scheduling conflicts, offers and persistent work, Mark Farina is finally coming […]

An Ocean of Grace

So, every baptism service I always think that it will be the best stories or even the greatest miracles Jesus produces. And, every service I am wrong. This never, never gets old. Tonight was an absolutely amazing night! The stories of redemption from those that had fallen so far, and from those that were so […]

I “heart” Harry’s Video Shoot

We got the fantastic opportunity to film at Harry’s in Lexington today for a joint project with Talent Attach and Eppic Films. Be on the lookout from @talentattach and @eppicfilms for out takes and shorts through social media before the final piece pops up. The footage definitely won’t disappoint. I love working with these guys. […]

Essentials for Easter Series

In getting ready for the Easter series, Helen is teaching on the essentials for the journey! “This isn’t just a series, this is an encounter with the cross. It is going to be something deeper and grander than you can imagine. In this season, you should grow closer to him and feel the excitement.” – […]

The 80s are STILL Alive

After a bit of a break, and thoroughly killing the 80s party madness at The Dame and Lower 48, Joe and Nate decided to once again revive the long time tradition of The 80s Prom.

A Lover’s Journey Home Vol. 2

The 2nd Installment of the series featuring tracks by Ben Watt, Black Coffee, Alsace, Rick Poppa Howard, Omar, Dennis Ferrer, Ben WestBeech, Black Powder, Jamie Thinnes, Q-burns Abstract Message, Sade, Matthew Bandy and Soulstice. Deep vibes and tech! http://s3.amazonaws.com/goodlifesessions/episode06_nate_fx-lovers_journey_home_vol2.mp3Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

Rhythms of the Heart 2008

A release from Valentine’s Day 2008 featuring “Songs of Love and Devotion”. This mix features deep house by Lisa Shaw, Kaskade, Colette, Jamie Thinnes, Matthew Bandy, Maxwell, Ben Watt, Jimpster, Andy Caldwell and more… http://s3.amazonaws.com/goodlifesessions/episode05_nate_fx_rhythms_heart.mp3Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

Reflection of a Year

Where to begin on this one? What an amazing year and what a challenging one as well. I have talked about how life seemed to be at a downward spiral before finding my way to the doors at Quest. And, there are some obvious aspects of life that were truly bringing me to those doors. […]

Deep House at Natasha’s

The deep grooves of house music performed in bistros and lounges of metropolis areas like New York, Chicago and San Francisco brought straight to The Esplanade of Lexington by DJ Shawn Tye and Nate FX. Everyone is welcome and come as you are to chill, relax or dance. This is a monthly event for the […]

Mosaic NYE Live Mix 2010 pt. 2

The second set by Nate FX for Mosaic at Quest Community Church for NYE. This set starts out with deep grooves under assistant pastor Justin McCarty’s talk on “Home”. The mix quickly speeds up with artists like DJ Mes, Kruse and Nuernburg, Plastikman, Ken ECB and more. http://s3.amazonaws.com/goodlifesessions/episode04_nate_fx_mosaic_nye2010_set2.mp3Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS