So for those that follow me on social media know that we recently got a new stove. This was very exciting to me for 2 reasons. One, the look of our kitchen. Two, because I love my wife’s cooking.

We were overly joyed because the previous owner of our amazing home had sponge painted the kitchen navy blue, chosen white flooring and counter-tops, and all the while selected off-white appliances. So, moving in comes the designer / developer with an attention to color and detail. “Woah!” I said in my brain. Painting came easy, but the exchange of appliances didn’t occur till a decade later. The stove marked the last of the old off-white pieces to go! Hello new stainless steel modern lifestyle! Thanks for your arrival.
Now, with that said, there is something more exciting than that to me; I love my wife’s cooking. She is an amazing woman, and even more so as she arms herself with an apron, a spoonula, 3 pots, a skillet, a pepper grinder and a big ol’ mess of plates and cups in the kitchen. Daddy knows a good end to a day is coming when momma is at the helm of the stove!
Why? It speaks a special love language to me. When a meal is going on the table, I feel cared for. When a meal is going on the table, I know uninterrupted family time is going to happen. When a meal is going on the table, I know my wife has been doing something she loves. And, when a meal goes on the table, we get to thank The Lord for our day and reflect with one another.
So, not only does the “gift of stove” fix the aesthetics of our kitchen, but it’s a symbol of how much I love my wife. She is my favorite chef, but more importantly my best friend and partner for life. Thank you, best wife, for all you do!