First of all, I would like to say that I absolutely cannot believe my baby Lorelai is now one. This past year of first smiles, hugs, words and kisses has been nothing short of miraculous in my heart. It’s kind of like thinking your heart is full and complete, but then discovering that it has so much more capacity to love than you ever thought existed.

In saying that, something else expanded in my heart over this last year. I watched my wife, a mother of two, become herself as a mommy. I know Cameron is 14, so being a mom is not a new thing to her, but something in her came alive in having a brand new little girl in the house.
I have watched my wife step out in strength to provide for Lorelai, and at the same time take specific care to instruct and lead Cameron. I have watched her melt, when receiving hugs from Lorelai. I have become a firsthand witness to the nightly reading of a storybook and bed time prayers from mommy (which I missed from Cameron as I am his step-dad). I have become a custom to my wife protecting the baby, caring for her health and teaching her in things I didn’t think needed to be taught. It’s a glorious thing to be a part of and to see!
As a father and a husband, and with my heart newly expanded with a year of having a daughter, I spent some time reflecting today. My heart has grown even closer to my wife than it ever has been before. The design of a family by God is remarkable. As I have grown with my little girl, and my teenage son, I am nothing short of compelled to be closer to my wife. She is a strong, loving, compassionate, passionate, secure mother that I love more and more every single day.
So, thank you Sarci, for being the best mom you can be. Thank your for loving our kids with all your heart and with the grace of Jesus. By doing that, my love for you grows stronger in this life and our marriage.