Many of you may know that I have several passions in his life. The ones I pray that I am know for are making an impact for Jesus, loving my wife unconditionally, being the best father I can be to my family, leading my life and my work with integrity, and of course loving music and the impact it can make on someone.

All of those things are beautiful, but they weren’t always the aspects of life that defined me. I used to be self centered, building up an empire to myself. That all changed when I humbled myself before The Cross of Christ on February 13, 2010.
That was only 5 years ago today. It feels both like it was yesterday, and that it was decades ago at the same time. The Lord has had something new in store for me to learn and grow in every single day, year after year. At the same time, I still remember the Family Care Room at Quest Community Church giving my life to The One who gave it all go me. Truly an unforgettable exchange.
I love how that moment happened in the season of Valentine’s Day. A time marked by love. He made me to love me, and then so I could love others. There could not be a better season right? Agreed: there is not.
Above I mentioned music. Well, in the time before and after giving my life to Christ I made a 3 series set called “A Lover’s Journey Home”. This was a posture of my heart as a struggled with the rebirth of the relationship with my wife. The tracks selected signify a story within myself to become brand new, and then to marry the person I knew was always meant for me on this earth.
You can download and listen to the mixes… CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
As God changed me, He taught me how to love. It was only then that He released me to marry the most beautiful, remarkable, caring women that I have ever met. Of course, that was only after she humbled herself to Jesus as well, but that is for another story time.
Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of this new life. And, thank you for giving me the best wife to love while I am living this adventure. She is pretty awesome, and I chose her to be my Valentine this year, and every year to follow.