So, every baptism service I always think that it will be the best stories or even the greatest miracles Jesus produces. And, every service I am wrong. This never, never gets old.

Tonight was an absolutely amazing night! The stories of redemption from those that had fallen so far, and from those that were so good and caught in performance were astounding. Both types of people equally in need of the same thing. And, all of them grasping, found that they were looking for the love and forgiveness of the Cross, for Jesus.

Sarci, I am so proud of your story. I am so proud of the way that you examined your faith and realized how you had missed His great offer of Grace. Your picture of the ocean and a hole where the sun belongs will be forever ingrained in my memory. Thank you for going forward as Jesus’ evidence that His power is alive and well today.

I am so humbled and honored to be here at Quest and to be living in the wake of such an amazing community. Everyone who runs to Him makes it. If you have been thinking about church lately, maybe He is nudging you to come see for yourself this Easter. I hope to see you there!