Nate + Sarci

On September 26, 2011 we (Sarci and Nate) got the gift of being engaged. We were together for nearly seven years when we finally Nate finally received the green light from Jesus, asked Sarci to marry him, and she said “Absolutely.” After a long courtship, we had a short engagement, finally getting married on December 9, 2011. We invited hundreds of our friends and family to join us as we said “I DO”, ending one chapter of our lives and beginning a brand new chapter together in marriage. Now, with Jesus in the center, we live redeemed lives unified as one, leading our family as it grows! To read our full stories, check out our blogs at and We love the journey that we are on, and you are invited to follow!

With Love,
Nate and Sarci

The Proposal

September 26 Sarci and I were able to spend the entire day together on a Cincinnati adventure for what she thought was only her birthday. We went exploring the riverfront, grabbed some burgers and spent some great time looking at fish at the Newport Aquarium. All the while, Abby and Becca were leading the charge for a surprise birthday (at least that is what most thought). Around 50 friends gathered at Saul Good to encourage Sarci and wish her a happy birthday with the proposal at the end. Nervous and anxious, it was a moment I had waited years for.

Engagement Photos

The Wedding